How COVID-19 is changing the music industry — Ndibisi George

How COVID-19 is changing the music industry — Ndibisi George


One of the sectors of the economy feeling the impact of the lockdown brought about by the coronavirus pandemic is the music industry, as it has forced the physical shows to a halt, but which may be a blessing to those who know the way out.

These are the views of a Nigerian record label owner and music entrepreneur, Ndibisi George, popularly known as Blow Money, who said, though the business world is troubled, the challenge could also open a new business channel for those who can take to the technology advantage which is a viable option for businesses to thrive.
George, who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Blow Money Records (BMR), believes that every challenge is an opportunity to come out better and stronger, once one is ready to upgrade his knowledge base which COVID-19 is forcing many to do now. So, with the redirection of ideas, and most importantly maximising the use of technology, things will get better in the industry.

“These days, everywhere is locked up. there is no gathering of people in public places, clubs are closed up, and every avenue where people gather to merry and listen to music for celebration purpose has been locked up due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“This is very challenging for practitioners and investors in the music industry, since shows can no longer be organised, and other outdoor events which are an avenue for musicians to sell their products and make money are banned.

“However, it is an eye-opener for many that we are in a changing world, so, everyone needs to redirect their business pattern. Now, what is happening has changed the way the game is being played in the music industry. We are now migrating to the virtual world, and the webspace is being expanded.

“This is a good omen for those who are ready to upgrade their skills and make the appropriate use of technology. Musicians are now into virtual shows, people are even organising birthdays online, likewise, there are online fashion shows, and these are increasing the crowd of followers of celebrities on their social media accounts.

“The development as far as the online expansion is good. Video releases are getting patronage online, single audio releases of musicians too are getting huge patronage and people are making downloads online. So, what is being missed in the physical world is covered for online,” the Blow Money Records boss said.

As a result of the development, he admonished practitioners in the industry to up their game, learn new skills, get new software and hardware that could make their work easier, and understand the technicalities in adding quality and value to their productions.

Likewise, he called on every authority concerned to also support the upcoming musicians who are still struggling to make headway and give social security to cushion the effect of the lockdown which is being felt by some individuals whose businesses are also adversely affected by COVID-19, while also charging the government to reduce the burden the foreign exchange has brought on equipment and materials needed for music production.

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